We Specialize in

Finding remarkable Talents

Classic talent hunt gives you the opportunity to showcase that talent of yours.

Bringing out your full potential

We bring out the talents in you and maximize it to its fullest potential.

Video coverage

Video coverage at the event for outstanding performances to be showcased.

Cash prices for Audience

C.T.H will give out cash prices to audiences for coming to grace the show.

Cash prices to winners

We will reward the winners of the show with cash prices and also gifts from our sponsor.


Publicity will be given to all perticipants of the show on our youtube channel, instagram , facebook and more.

Steps for the Hunt

Our process on creating awesome talented act.
  • 1. Audition

    Performance by outstanding performers to demonstrate talent.

  • 2. ROUND 1

    This sis the start of the show .....Winners are passed on to ROUND 2

  • 3. ROUND 2

    Winners from Round 1 are going to showcase their talents to mve on to the Grand Finale.


    On this day,the winners will be announced and also it will be hosted at the best and biggest event centre in the state.

    Smart, Creative & Awesome.

    A creative agency that believes in the power of creative ideas and great talents.
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    Meet The Team

    Our process on creating future leaders and celebrities.

    The Founder of the "get talent project".

    Lisa Joseph
    Creative Director

    Creative director of the "get talent project".

    Emmanuel Meleki
    Legal adversor

    Emmanuel meleki is the adversor and legal section of the brand.

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